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Since their first performances in Arizona almost 20 years ago, Bernie & Red have become a mainstay of the Winter Visitor entertainment scene, which for them now encompasses the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, as well as Arizona & California. The majority of these winter concerts are staged in RV resorts & this was a lifestyle that Bernie & Red themselves quickly embraced & have enjoyed for the past 15 years.

Every year Bernie & Red hit the road in late December for a 30 to 40 date concert tour, & every year they have a NEW show. Audiences return annually to enjoy their latest offering & as a consequence they have built a large & loyal fan base & an equally large group of clients who know that Bernie & Red will always deliver a new, entertaining & uplifting performance.

As a result of successful concerts for the RV community Bernie & red were soon booked to perform at RV rallies during the summer months & have since travelled from coast to coast entertaining fellow RV’rs. Heck, they even have their own FMCA, (Family Motor Coach Association) chapter.

RV user groups & manufacturers that Bernie & Red have performed for include, Mandalay, Country Coach, Airstream, (several), Beaver, FMCA National on 4 occassions, FMCA Regional, (more than a dozen events) & Good Sam, (again, more than a dozen events.

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