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An Audience with Her Majesty.


This splendid representation of "Her Majesty" has been seen & enjoyed by audiences around the world. Thousands of satisfied customers throughout the US & Canada have delighted to "Her Majesty" at corporate, hotel & resort appearances & even larger numbers have been thrilled by Her cruise ship visits. "Her Majesty" has performed on Royal Caribbean Cruises "Sun Viking", Regency Cruises "Regent Sea" & Premier Cruises "Island Breeze" & "Ocean Breeze". American audiences just love anything to do with The Queen. Brits & Canadians find the humour in the speeches to be right on target & even non-English speaking audiences are won over by the amazing likeness.


"Vocally, the similarity is amazing"


Visually the likeness to Elizabeth is extremely accurate. All costumes & jewelry are based on actual designs worn by The Queen, adding to the authentic appearance. Vocally, the similarity is amazing. You'll really believe that it's The Queen herself who's speaking. "HER MAJESTY'S" speeches are peppered with hilarious one liners & scathing social observations, & (when the occasion arises) ad libs of the highest order. Top quality material made even funnier because it's "The Queen" delivering the lines. Get the scoop on Kate & William, Charles & Camilla, The Channel Tunnel.  Various US presidents etc. etc. No one is safe. A fresh & exciting entertainment concept which works in any situation.

Custom written speeches for any occasion.

This is all tried & tested material, which will leave your guests shouting for more. Don't wait, find out what thousands of satisfied customers already know. "Her Majesty" is perfect entertainment for your convention, corporate event, after dinner speech etc. And don't forget the wonderful photo opportunities.


There are several ways to contact us.


E-MAIL. Bernie & Red
PHONE. 604-850-2278

If you've been directed here by a booking agent, please check out all the information here, & then contact your agent to finalize the booking.

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