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Another live recording, (Is there any other way to capture the Bernie & Red show?) which showcases the mix of comedy & music that this couple delivers so effortlessly. Red is in great voice with her “happy” blues, “Feeling Too Good Today,Blues” & Bernie delivers a couple of tongue in cheek numbers in, “Do You Ever?” & “I Wanna Die Young (at a very old age)”. The title song is a parody of the Ernest Tubb hit, in this case the popularity of ballroom dancing  leads a couple to…. “Waltz Across Walmart”. Red does a great job on “Singing The Blues” & then brings the house down with her animal impersonations on the “Story of the Three Bulls”. Loads of great comedy & music & excellent playing time of over 60 minutes.

Waltz Across Walmart

  • 1) Hello Mary Lou.

    2) Do You Ever?

    3) Feeling Too Good Today, Blues.

    4) Waltz Across Walmart.

    5) I Wanna Die Young.

    6) Broadway Bluegrass.

    7) Stuttering Bum.

    8) I Feel That Old Age Creeping On.

    9) Guacamole.

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