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What started out as a song book, quickly became an autobiography, as Bernie & Red retrieved old photo’s & publicity material from the archives. (An old shoebox!) You can find out all about their childhood & early married life in Liverpool, England & then follow them as they emigrate to Canada & begin their entertainment career. All of this of course, related in a typically humourous way. Lots of photo’s are included & of course lots of songs, more than 20 with full lyrics & chord symbols &, in addition, there is a CD with the basic melody of each number. As you would expect, most of these songs are favourites from Bernie & red concerts & CD releases, but several have not so far been recorded, so plenty of new stuff. 21 songs, 64 pages, includes CD. Only $10

"Our Story" Autobiography / Songbook

  • 21 songs, 64 pages, includes CD. 

    1) SKI Club.

    2) Cup of Tea.

    3) It’s Now or Never. 

    4) Yesterday is History. 

    5) Cross Border Romance. 

    6) Give Me 40 Acres & I’ll Turn This Rig Around. 

    7) Viagra (Diana) 

    8) I Feel That Old Age Creeping On. 

    9) Waltz Across Wal-Mart. 

    10) El Nino is to Blame.

    11) My Budgie. 

    12) The Scotsman. 

    13) Doughboy. 

    14) Forty Years of Married Bliss 

    15) There’s a Hole in the Sewer hose. 

    16) El Paso. (parody) 

    17) No Smoking 

    18) To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before. (parody) 

    19) Seven Spanish Angels. (parody) 

    20) Mexican Vacation. 

    21) You Tell Her-I Stutter 

    22) Ballad of Red Skelton.

    23) Achy Breaky Heart. (parody)

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