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Recorded 2005. Another recording which captures Bernie & Red at their best in front of a live audience. This CD was recorded in their home town of Abbotsford in BC Canada & features ALL comedy, no serious stuff here! A feast of jokes & stories & lots of their comedy songs & parodies.


  • 1) Music Music/This Ole House. 

    2) You Know You’re Growing Old When …… 

    3) Skin Graft Story. 

    4) Granada. 

    5) Mother & Xmas Cards, Priest & Mouse. 

    6) Inkspots Song. 

    7) Children, Grandchildren & Teenagers. 

    8) Beep Beep. 

    9) Thrift Store Shirts. 

    10) Hello Mudda. (Winter Visitor Version.) 

    11) El Paso. (Parody) 

    12) Do Mine When You’re Finished. 

    13) Brown Eyes Blue. 

    14) Little Girl in Kindergarten. 

    15) Story of Three Bulls.

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