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Their first "LIVE" recording in 1985. This was recorded on two consecutive nights & captures the BERNIE & RED SHOW as it was back then. No straight songs here, it's 100% comedy. "Biddy McGraw" is the opening number, the story of an Irish lady of the evening & this song sets the mood for the rest of the album. Six of the songs here were penned by Bernie & Red, including the "Jim & Tammy Song", (remember them?), "Cup of Tea", "Mexican Vacation", the monologue "My Budgie", & two parodies of Willie Nelson songs, "Seven Spanish Angels" & "To All The Girls I've Loved Before". Also included ........ The originals of those old "Nursery Rhymes" you thought you knew ....... a very funny song about a guy who has a "Vasectomy" which goes wrong ........ "The Chicken Song", NOT the one that every one dances to, but an old campfire favourite. There's also a hilarious Russian spoof entitled "Comrade Olga" & a rib tickling warning about the dangers of alcohol, "Brewers Droop".


  • 1) Biddy McGraw. 

    2) Cup of Tea. 

    3) Mexican Vacation. 

    4) My Budgie. 

    5) Nursery Rhymes. 

    6) Vasectomy. 

    7) Big Bamboo. 

    8) Jim & Tammy Song. 

    9) Rawtenstall Annual Fair. 

    10) To All The Girls I’ve Loved before. 

    11) The Oldest Swinger. 

    12) The Chicken Song. 

    13) Seven Spanish Angels. 

    14) Brewer’s Droop. 

    15) Comrade Olga

    16) Show Me The Way to go Home.

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