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Recorded live before an enthusiastic RV crowd, this CD delivers the mix of music & comedy that typifies a Bernie & Red concert. A Ricky Nelson hit from the 60’s kicks things off & is followed by a rarely heard Perry Como piece, “Delaware”. Because of the event, the material here does weigh heavily on RV humour. A favourite at live shows “Give Me 40 Acres” is a great choice for this crowd, as is “There’s a Hole in the Sewer Hose”, a re-working of the Harry Belefonte hit, “Hole in the Bucket”. There’s a change of pace when Bernie  gets out his ukulele for “Makin’ Whoopee” & then stretches his vocal cords with his hilarious operatic aria “It’s Now or Never”, always a big hit at concerts but recorded live here for the first time.

Makin’ Whoopee at the Good Sam Samboree

  • 1) Hello Mary Lou.

    2) Delaware.

    3) Give Me 40 Acres.

    4) Makin’Whoopee.

    5) There’s a Hole in the Sewer Hose.

    6) It’s Now or Never.

    7) Put The Toilet Seat Down.

    8) Goodnight Sweetheart

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