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The 2006 show, which kicks off with “Tiger By The Tail” & the stories of “The Plumber” & “The Sow”. Then the “Depends” & “Preparation H” commercials & a NEW version of “SKI Club”. “I Love Them Old Songs” & “Wonderful World”. A full HOUR of comedy & music.


  • 1) Tiger By The Tail.

    2) Comedy routines. 

    3) Buddy Holly Medley. 

    4) Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor. 

    5) Daisy A Day. 

    6) Comedy …. Story of the Sow. 

    7) To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before. (Parody) 

    8) Commercials. Depends & Preparation H. 

    9) SKI Club Song. 

    10) How I Love Them Old Songs. Medley. 

    11) Wonderful World/I Believe.

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