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Recorded summer 2001. A mixture of comedy & straight numbers. Almost all the songs here are favourites from Bernie & Red's current live show. From Red we get some of her ever popular "Red Hot Mama" numbers including, "A Good man is Hard to Find" & "St Louis Blues" & a self penned comedy piece "Computer Blues". This disc also includes the story of the Pillsbury "Doughboy" & Bernie's stuttering tour de force, "You Tell Her, I Stutter". The title of this release is from the song of the same name, Bernie's operatic debut on disc! Performed in Italian no less. You'll never be able to listen to this song again with a straight face after hearing Bernie's operatic version!


  • 1) Boys Along the Yukon. 

    2) Shame & Scandal. 

    3) Doughboy. 

    4) Computer Blues. 

    5) You Tell Her, I Stutter. 

    6) A Good man is Hard to Find. 

    7) It's Now or Never. 

    8) South of The Border. 

    9) Back in Your Own Backyard. 

    10) The Skye Boat Song. 

    11) St Louis Blues/Some of These Days. 

    12) Al Jolson Medley.

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