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The 2008 show, beginning with "Enjoy Yourself” followed by the “Javelina Story”, “I Love You” in different languages, “Waiting for a Train”, "Boys Along the Yukon" & “Furniture Salesman in France”. Also “Donald Where’s Your Trousers” & “Bumming Around”. A FULL HOUR of comedy & music, all recorded LIVE.


  • 1) Enjoy Yourself. 

    2) Comedy routines. 

    3) Two Little Boys. 

    4) Comedy … waiting for a train. 

    5) Secret Love. 

    6) Proper Cup of Coffee. 

    7) Comedy routines. 

    8) Boys Along The Yukon. 

    9) I Love You …… 

    10) Bummin’ Around. 

    11) Furniture salesman in Paris. 

    12) Enjoy Yourself Reprise.

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