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Recorded in 1992. Although best known for their comedy, there is also a serious side to Bernie & Red, which surfaces in every live performance. It's quite a switch to go from a very funny comedy piece to a big ballad such as "The Rose", but this is what happens at a Bernie & Red show, AND IT WORKS! In fact it works so well that audiences demanded that some of these big ballads were recorded, so here they are. 

This release includes the aforementioned "The Rose" & also, "Wind Beneath My Wings", "Memory", "Lily Marlene", "Over The Rainbow", & "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". There are also a couple of great songs from the 40's, "Mean To Me" & "La Vie En Rose". And did someone mention comedy? Well there's some of that too. A parody of "Achy Breaky Heart", a monologue entitled "Little Aggie" & a great favourite from live shows "Murphy & The Bricks". A great mixture of comedy & music. 13 tracks in all, with a total running time of over 48 minutes. GREAT VALUE.


  • 1) The Rose. 

    2) Don't Cry For Me Argentina. 

    3) Lili Marlene. 

    4) Memory. 

    5) Wind Beneath My Wings. 

    6) Over The Rainbow. 

    7) Little Aggie. 

    8) Achy Breaky Heart. (Parody). 

    9) Murphy & The Bricks. 

    10) Piddlin' Pete. 

    11) Mean To Me. 

    12) Middle Aged Blues. 

    13) La Vie En Rose.

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