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Recorded 1999. 100% comedy. Recorded at a "Good Sam Samboree". More songs, stories & jokes, including Red's hilarious account of the "Vacuum Toilet" & probably her most requested routine about the problems that women encounter when answering a simple call of nature. There's also a lesson on "Scottish History" & the release is rounded out by a number called "SKI Club". If you aren't familiar with the acronym it stands for Spending our Kids Inheritance, & is all about the RV travel lifestyle that lots of retired folks adopt. This CD version contains extra bonus tracks.

Full track list. “Bernie & Red Live Volume 2”

1) Lovely Bunch of Coconuts. 2) Looking for my Father/Married life. 3) Vacuum Toilet Story. 4) Get Your Own Blanket. 5) I Don’t Drink Alcohol. 6) Do Mine When You’re Finished. 7) Scottish Stories. 8) SKI Club Song. 9) Mum on Airplane. 10) Ladies & Bathrooms. 11) The Baby Song. 12) Mother & Furniture Disease. Plus 18 bonus tracks.


  • 1) Lovely Bunch of Coconuts. 

    2) Looking for my Father/Married life. 

    3) Vacuum Toilet Story. 

    4) Get Your Own Blanket. 

    5) I Don’t Drink Alcohol. 

    6) Do Mine When You’re Finished. 

    7) Scottish Stories. 

    8) SKI Club Song. 

    9) Mum on Airplane. 

    10) Ladies & Bathrooms. 

    11) The Baby Song. 

    12) Mother & Furniture Disease. 

    Plus 18 bonus tracks.

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