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Comedy & music.

If you are looking for good professional entertainment, look no further. Bernie & Red are a fresh, original, funny & very entertaining husband & wife team who perform throughout North America in venues large & small, & around the world via their cruise ship engagements.



Original & funny.

Everyone needs a point of reference when trying to describe a musical or comedic style, & in the case of Bernie & Red it has been said that they are a mixture of Burns & Allen, The Smothers Brothers & Bette Midler, with a touch of Carol Burnette & a dash of Benny Hill! Quite a mixture eh? The Burns & Allen & Smothers Brothers reference comes about because a lot of their humour is based on husband & wife situations & the joys (?) of marriage & family life. Bernie is the straight man who sometimes lets fly with his own one liners, but Red , the zany red-head, is the one who holds centre stage most of the time, which is where the comparisons with Bette Midler & Carol Burnette come from. Red is brash, outspoken, a little outrageous at times, & very funny. She also has a great voice, & her musical numbers are an integral ingredient in the entertainment mixture that Bernie & Red present. Many an audience has been set back on its heels when, after ten minutes of tomfoolery, Red will then burst forth with a great rendition of "Memory" from Cats, or "Don't Cry for me Argentina".



Suitable for any occasion.

Bernie & Red have performed in almost every kind of situation, from 3000 seat theatres to country fairs, from corporate events large & small, to cruise ships. They are fully self contained & can provide their own sound & light system. If the entertainment is provided by Bernie & Red, you can rest assured that your special event will indeed be "special". (Click here to find out about a "special" guest who can appear with Bernie & Red). The job of finding & booking really good entertainment is sometimes a thankless task fro the individual or committee involved, so why not save yourself a lot of headaches & hire the BEST. BERNIE & RED.

There are several ways to contact us.


PHONE. 604-850-2278

If you've been directed here by a booking agent, please check out all the information here, & then direct any enquiries related to bookings to that agent.

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