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Always call ahead before traveling any distance, as shows will often sell out.
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Bernie & Red are currently based in Vancouver BC Canada, although they didn't start out there. Liverpool in England was the birthplace for both of them & they met there during the beginnings of the Mersey Beat era and yes, they did see The Beatles, countless times at The Cavern & various other venues. Both come from musical families, Bernie's parents sang with a local dance band & Red's Dad was a vocalist with the army band during his years in the service. Her Mum was a pianist, & Red has fond & vivid memories of family parties when Mum played the piano & Dad sang all the latest Bing Crosby & Al Jolson songs.

So how did they go from a young married couple in Liverpool to becoming a very popular comedy & music act in North America?  Well, it’s a long story but we’ll be as concise as we can.

After marriage they settled in Liverpool where Bernie worked as a salesman & Red was a stay at home mother of 2, but there was something missing. They were looking for adventure, a rural lifestyle, fresh air & open spaces & so they moved to Canada, to get “back to the land”.

It wasn’t until they moved to Canada that they began to take music & entertaining seriously, prior to that it was just a few songs sung by Red to Bernie’s guitar accompaniment at family gatherings, but they soon found that the Canada of the 1970’s was fertile ground for their unusual mixture of music & comedy. To start with, entertainment gigs had to fit in with Bernie’s cow milking schedule, (yes, they had managed to get “back to the land”,) but before long, Bernie quit milking cows, they began performing full time & were soon travelling the world, via their cruise ship performances. 

One reason for this early success was no doubt their originality. They were different, a husband & wife team who presented a show filled with great music, (much of it their own originals), liberally interspersed with cheeky comedy, all delivered in an English accent.

And this success soon led to bookings & performances world- wide, on land & sea, (a lot of it sea), travelling to Alaska, Mexico, Panama, The Caribbean, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Singapore, & throughout Canada & the US & in the process building a reputation for delivering memorable, uplifting & always entertaining performances.